Full CV £65 - Includes career coaching where required & cover letter

Never had a CV before? Then this service is for you and will equip you with a CV that you can easily change if required to suit specific job roles as well as a Cover letter template and all the advice you need to be confident making these changes.

[Discounts for school leavers – please ask]

Review & Update CV £45

You’ve got a CV but it's quite old and you don’t think it will do you justice? CV writing has changed a lot as has the job market so your CV needs to be impactful. Send me your current version and I will re-write and up-date it for you.


Cover Letter £15

Most job applications still need a cover letter and this is where you can really sell yourself with further detail around the specific requirements for the job role. 


Review CV & Feedback for you to amend £20

If you have a CV which has been done in the past few years and you are happy with it but not sure if it still meets all industry and data protection requirements, then send it through. I’ll review it and send you a list of suggested changes. If no change is required, no charge.


Job Specific CV Amendments for a NewStartz CV £10

For each role you apply for, you ideally need to “tweak” your CV to make it totally focused on the requirements for that role. If you already have a NewStartz CV, I can do that for you to give you the best chance for interview!


CV Writing Workshops 3 hours £75 - up to 8 people per group

Writing a CV is a skill in itself and writing your own is not easy. These workshops will take you through the design and preparation of a basic CV template, current industry requirements and how to pinpoint your own strengths and “sell” yourself in the most impactful way.

Interview Coaching £20 per hour

Been in the same role for a number of years? Interview techniques have changed so if you have that magic interview coming up, then let me help you prepare with some guided advice.

Interview Presentation Writing £25 - £50 depending on complexity

Dependent on the type of role you are applying for, if you get through to interview then it is likely that you may have to prepare a presentation. I can help you to create one that meets all requirements, is succinct, time controlled but with maximum impact!

Career Coaching £25 per hour

I don’t know everything about every role, but I have had a long career and gone through significant change in my life. If you simply don’t know where to go next, then I can help you look at your strengths and where your interests lie and help you to choose the right career path.

Careers Talks for schools/groups £50

I remember my 5th form career talk going something like this “you live in Cornwall, so Hotel and Catering is your best option”!! There are so many options out there nowadays; I can talk about individual choice, how to research various careers, how best to start and what basic necessities are needed.

Editing & Proof Reading £25 per hour

If you are in any form of higher education you will be writing essays and thesis to a set word count. I can edit your work to meet that word count whilst ensuring that the spelling and grammar is appropriate and that it reads in the best way possible. The content is yours, but I can ensure that the final presentation of that content is perfect!